• 20 December 2023 - 8.30 pm Teatro Comunale -



Stall 28 €
Central box – first row 27 €
Central box – second row 18 €
Lateral box – first row 21 €
Lateral box – second row 14 €
Gallery – first row 15 €
Gallery – second row 9 €
Upper Gallery – first row 6 €
Upper Gallery – second row 4 €
by and with

Andrea Pennacchi

live musics

Giorgio Gobbo and Gianluca Segato

in collaboration with


production Teatro Boxer
distributed by Terry Chegia


Pojana’s older brothers: Edo the security, Tonon the derattizer, Alvise the black and others, saw the light in the aftermath of April 1, 2014. While Franco Ford called “Pojana” was already born. He was the rich master of an adaptation of the “Allegre comari di Windsor” set in Veneto, with all its quirks: weapons, chips and taxes, blacks, black. Later, the Propaganda Live gang wanted him on stage and he revealed himself fully for what he is: a demon, small, not devoid of wisdom, who uses the truth for his own ends and finds funny things that are not, and that is inside each of us. The character was born from the need to tell the nation the stories of the northeast that outside the borders of the newborn Padania no one knew.