Ticket Office Opening Times:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
    hours 10-13 and 16 -19
    Thursday 10 – 13
    Sunday 10-13 and 15-17
    tel: 0532 202675 – fax 0532 206007In the days of evening programming: opening until the beginning of the show
    In case of a show on a public holiday the Ticket Office will open one hour before the start of the performance


 0532 202675
 Fax 0532 206007


The theatre provides for each performance a stage for people with disabilities (wheelchair)
Holders of the Disability Card are entitled to a free admission to the Theatre while seats are available. The cards marked by the letter A also extend the gratuitousness to the companion
Holders of Disability Certification are entitled to free admission, the accompanying person is entitled to free entry only if specified on the above certification

The entrance ticket is final access for the show, on the day and time indicated
When show is started is NOT possible to enter the stalls
When issuing the ticket, the buyer is required to check the accuracy of the data on it
The ticket must be kept carefully and presented to any request of the control staff
The control staff may request at the entrance to the room the document attesting the right to any reduction granted
The Management reserves the right to make displacements in the allocation of the place deriving from technical needs or for reasons of force majeure
Tickets may not be exchanged or refunded unless cancelled
The ticket is entitled to a refund (net of the right to pre-sale) in case of cancellation of the show. The ticket office will inform you when and how to refund.
In case of suspension of the show after the first interval you will not be entitled to any refund
The holder of the ticket, as part of the audience in the room, consents and authorizes any audio and video footage while simultaneously granting full release for any use
It is absolutely FORBIDDEN TO PHOTOGRAPH and make AUDIO and VIDEO recordings of the show