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The first act takes place in Amiens. Here Renato Des Grieux, a student, and Manon Lescaut, a girl destined for monastic life, meet: it is love at first sight. Her brother, however, wants to force her to marry Geronte, a wealthy banker. Renato, an accomplice of a friend who discovers what the girl’s brother is up to, anticipates Geronte: he kidnaps Manon and takes her away with him towards an existence of great feelings but, of course, of hardship.
At the opening of the second act, in Paris, in fact, Manon returned to Geronte, tired of the difficulties of life with Des Grieux. But the beloved is missing her. The brother sends for him. The two lovers are caught in their secret embrace by Geronte. Manon, before escaping with his knight, attempts to steal some jewels from Geronte’s house. The guards surprise her in this intent: along with that of adultery, on Manon falls the charge of theft against the banker to whom she was promised.
The third act takes place in Le Havre, where Manon is locked up with other women. Some of them like her are waiting to be shipped to the United States. The girl tries in vain to escape. Ultimately, Des Grieux begs the captain of the overseas ship to board him. The man agrees. The two lovers sail to the United States.
The closing act, the fourth, is set in “an endless wasteland on the borders of New Orleans”. The two lovers wander aimlessly and without means until the most tragic of endings.



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music by

Giacomo Puccini

Editore Casa Ricordi, Milano

opera in four acts on a libretto by an anonymous author
(with the collaboration of Giuseppe Giacosa, Luigi Illica, Ruggero Leoncavallo, Domenico Oliva, Marco Praga, Giacomo Puccini, Giulio Ricordi)
from the novel Histoire du Chevalier Des Grieux et de Manon Lescaut by François-Antoine Prévost


Manon Lescaut Alessandra Di Giorgio
Lescaut Marcello Rosiello
Renato Des Grieux Paolo Lardizzone
Geronte di Ravoir Alberto Mastromarino
Edmondo Saverio Pugliese
L’oste, il Sergente degli Arcieri Marco Innamorati
Il maestro di ballo, il lampionaio Cristiano Olivieri
Un musico Irene Molinari
Il comandante di Marina Alessandro Ceccarini



Marco Guidarini



Marco Bargagna


Aldo Tarabella


Giuliano Spinelli


Marco Minghetti


Rosanna Monti


Luigia Frattaroli

production Offices of the Teatro del Giglio
Creation of sampled sounds: Andrea Baggio
Scenes created by Laboratorio Tecnostyle srl, Guidonia (Rome)
Annamode costumes, Rome – Tirelli Trappetti, Rome
Uniforms Sartoria Nori snc, Rome
Equipment E. Rancati, Milan
Shoes Epoca srl, Milan
Wigs Audello Teatro srl, Turin

New staging of the Teatro del Giglio in Lucca

co-production Teatro del Giglio di Lucca, Teatro Comunale Pavarotti-Freni di Modena, Teatro A. Galli di Rimini, Teatro Alighieri di Ravenna, Teatro Verdi di Pisa, Teatro Comunale di Ferrara


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