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    Italo Calvino

    Collettivo Istantanea

    flute, bass flute Alessandro Lo Giudice
    clarinet, bass clarinet Daniele D’Alessandro
    violin Alma Napolitano
    viola Pietro Fabris
    cello Enrico Mignani
    piano Denis Zardi
    electronics Francesco Bigoni



    Tommaso Ussardi

    music by

    Piero Bittolo Bon, Gioia Gurioli, Alfonso Santimone, Francesco Bigoni, Dimitri Sillato, Livia Malossi, Denis Zardi

    scenography and choreography


    production Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Ferrara

    On the occasion of the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the birth of Italo Calvino, in 2023, Snapshot takes the opportunity to confront an author who was a reckless experimenter of languages and genres; in Calvin’s prose, to the lucidity of the analytical description, The lyricism and irony are a constant counterpoint, substantiated by a deep and disenchanted reflection on the ultimate meaning of human existence: “invisible cities are a dream that comes from the heart of the unlivable cities.” In a work that captures in a glance different artistic forms, the original music, composed and performed by the members of Snapshot, are intertwined with choreography and scenography visionaries giving rise to a multiplicity of places, visible and invisible, punctuated by the dialectic between the world of the real and that of the ideal.