A wrong-way guide to contemporary

ph_Laila Pozzo
  • 27 December 2023 - 8.30 pm Teatro Comunale -



Stall 34 €
Central box – first row 33 €
Central box – second row 24 €
Lateral box – first row 27 €
Lateral box – second row 19 €
Gallery – first row 21 €
Gallery – second row 15 €
Upper Gallery – first row 12 €
Upper Gallery – second row 10 €
a show by and with


Graziana Borciani, Davide Calabrese, Francesca Folloni, Lorenzo Scuda, Fabio Vagnarelli



Giorgio Gallione

production AGIDI

The Oblivion, enchanted by the persuasive call of the Metaverse, are projected into space-time with this new show entirely dedicated to contemporaneity. From the musical trends of the moment, to the most famous TV series to the satire of custom, politics and current affairs, everything ends up in the ruthless oblivion blender. A constant rewriting of the follies and oddities related to digital civilization where you can find even great myths of the past in an unexpected return to the future. After dealing with the cornerstones of Italian and international culture finally a deepening on the part of the program that you can never study: today! With the virtuosity of their arrangements, the most futuristic sound effects and the innate desire to destroy patterns, Oblivion take up the epochal challenge of guiding spectators and spectators towards a real transfiguration of modern reality to make it less complex and even more idiotic. An anti musical carbonaro halfway between avanspettacolo and dj-set