Melodrama in three acts based on a libretto by Francesco Maria Piave

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  • 14 April 2023 - 20.00 Teatro Comunale -
  • 16 April 2023 - 16.00 Teatro Comunale -

Leo Nucci returns to confront Rigoletto. He is directing for the new co-production with the Teatro Municipale di Piacenza. Friday 14 and Sunday 16 April the famous opera by Giuseppe Verdi with a libretto by Francesco Maria Piave is on stage. Among the top performers in the title role, Leo Nucci returns to Ferrara this time signing the direction of the new production. Francesco Ivan Ciampa conducts the Italian Philharmonic Orchestra. Among the performers Marco Ciaponi in the role of the Duke of Mantua, Amartuvshin Enkhbat is Rigoletto, while Gilda is played by Federica Guida, Sparafucile by Christian Barone, Maddalena by Rossana Rinaldi and Giovanna by Elena Borin. The voices of the choir are entrusted to the Chorus of the Municipal Theatre of Piacenza (chorus master Corrado Casati).

The story is set in Mantua, in the sixteenth century. Rigoletto, hunchback court jester, has a daughter, Gilda, whose existence tries to keep secret from courtiers, many of whom intend to take revenge on him for his fierce mockery. Gilda has fallen in love, believing him to be a poor student, with the frivolous and inconstant Duke of Mantua, sneaking into her house to make her a passionate court.
Later, the Duke’s courtiers, who intend to take revenge on Rigoletto, kidnap Gilda and take her to the palace, believing her to be the lover and not the clown’s daughter.
The daughter, seduced by the Duke, despairs of her fate; Rigoletto vows to avenge her shame. She then hires a hit man, Sparafucile. But at the last moment Gilda, still in love with the Duke, takes his place and falls stabbed in his stead.



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Melodrama in three acts based on a libretto by Francesco Maria Piave
from the drama Le roi s’amuse by Victor Hugo

music by

Giuseppe Verdi


Il Duca di Mantova Marco Ciaponi
Rigoletto Amartuvshin Enkhbat
Gilda Federica Guida
Sparafucile Christian Barone
Maddalena Rossana Rinaldi
Giovanna Elena Borin

Il conte di Monterone Christian Barone
Marullo Stefano Marchisio
Matteo Borsa Andrea Galli
Il conte di Ceprano Juliusz Loranzi
La contessa di Ceprano Emanuela Sgarlata
Un paggio Agnes Sipos
Un usciere Lorenzo Sivelli

Orchestra Filarmonica Italiana


Francesco Ivan Ciampa

Coro del Teatro Municipale di Piacenza


Corrado Casati


Leo Nucci

director collaborator

Salvo Piro


Carlo Centolavigna


Artemio Cabassi


Michele Cremona


coproduction Teatro Municipale di Piacenza | Teatro Comunale di Ferrara