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  • 24 February 2024 - 8.30 Teatro Comunale -
  • 25 February 2024 - 4 Teatro Comunale -



Stall 43 €
Central box – first row 35 €
Central box – second row 35 €
Lateral box – first row 29 €
Lateral box – second row 29 €
Gallery – first row 25 €
Gallery – second row 25 €
Upper Gallery – first row 23 €
Upper Gallery – second row 23 €
written and directed by

Mattia Torre


Geppi Cucciari

assistant director

Giulia Dietrich

original musics

Paolo Fresu


Antonio Marras

light design

Luca Barbati

production ITC 2000 

distributed by Terry Chegia

24february, 6 pm| Ridotto of the Teatro


Perfect is the last theatrical monologue written by Mattia Torre, one of the most influential and active playwrights in the Italian television and theatrical scene recently passed away, in which he tells a month of the life of a woman, punctuated by the four phases of the female cycle. The absolute protagonist is Geppi Cucciari, for the first time struggling with tones that do not only prefer comedy, but venture with depth and shades even more melancholic and romantic. On stage she plays a car saleswoman, wife and mother, who leads a regular life in which work, family, commitments and many responsibilities are placed. The story analyzes the Tuesdays of four different weeks, days identical in rhythms but different in perception: due to the variations of the four phases of the cycle, change the moods, reactions, emotions and moods of the protagonist. She tries to deal with humility, but also with frontality, a taboo of which men know very little and of which even many women are not so aware. A Monologue in which is possible to find whipped comedy and satire of custom, but also more bitter and deep reflections, in a delicate attempt to awareness and female empowerment of which there seems to be a great need in our time.