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  • 31 January 2023 - 20.30 Teatro Comunale -

Teresa Mannino returns with her highly anticipated new show, of which she will be interpreter and author.
With his engaging comic monologues wins the audience of Zelig (Canale5), up to arrive, in 2013 next to Mr Forest to the conduction. But the theater is his true love. The debut is in 2010 with Terrybilmente Divagante, the show has been on tour for three seasons and the revival of one of the Milan reruns was broadcast on RAI2. In 2015 his second theatrical show, I was born the twenty-three is the third most watched show of the 2015 season, after Fiorello and Enrico Brignano (SIAE data), after a triumphant tour the shooting of a replica was successfully aired on Rai5. In January 2018, Sento la terra gira debuted. The 171 dates of the tour were sold out. On 23 February 2020 the tour stops because Covid-19
Strongly linked to her land, graduated in philosophy, she studied theater in Milan which became her adopted city.





Stalls 43,00 €
Central box 1st row 35,00 €
Central box 2nd row 35,00 €
Lateral box 1st row 29,00 €
Lateral box 2nd row 29,00 €
Gallery 1st row 25,00 €
Gallery 2nd row 25,00 €
Upper gallery 1st row 23,00 €
Upper gallery 2nd row 23,00 €

Teresa Mannino, Sicilian author and comedic actress combines a refined acting technique with an absolutely spontaneous and original improvisation. He brings on stage his biting irony with acute intelligence and authentic passion. His artistic career involves theatre, television, radio and cinema.



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