Musical Circense

  • 29 March 2023 - 20.00 Teatro Comunale -

Dorothy is an orphan girl living in Kansas with her uncles. One day, a tornado wipes out their home, with Dorothy inside, transporting her to Oz. Here, the house, falling to the ground, crushes the evil witch of the East. In the country of Oz, in fact, there are four witches: two good (the witch of the North and the witch of the South) and two bad (the witch of the East and the witch of the West). In the kingdom’s capital, Emerald City, there is also a powerful magician, the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy soon encounters the Witch of the North, who thanks her for removing the evil witch of the East and the
gives his magic shoes. Dorothy asks the witch to help her return to Kansas, to her uncles; the witch can’t do anything for her, but suggests she go to Emerald City and ask the Wizard of Oz for help. Dorothy walks towards the city. Along the way, he will meet three companions with whom he will share the journey and all his adventures: a scarecrow who would like to have a brain, a tin lumberjack who would like to have a heart and finally a lion who would like to be brave.





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Maxim Romanov

original music

Andrei Zubets


Dorothy Anastasia Diatlova
Wizard of Oz Vladimir Dybskii
Taglialegna Di Latta Alexsander Bocharov
Lo Spaventapasseri Evgeny Kirillin
Il Leone pauroso Denis Yasik

The brilliant fairy tale of The Wizard of Oz, taken from the book by L. Frank Baum, is proposed in this wonderful family show in a completely original scenic key: the language of the musical and the contemporary circus come together in a new dimension. The cast of 25 artists on stage consists of singers, dancers and some of the world’s leading contemporary circus acrobats.
The wonderful staging of the show is enhanced by the original animation, 3D graphics, special effects and phantasmagorical costumes made by the creative team of the Romanov Arena.




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