A punk story on the edge of the "balera"

  • 1 March 2023 - 20.30 Teatro Comunale -

The sweet voice of Mirco Mariani will join the scratchy voice of Davide Toffolo, frontman of the Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti and one of the most beloved designers on the Italian and international scene. During the show, Toffolo himself will draw live, letting himself be contaminated by the sounds of the magic clarinet in C by Moreno Il Biondo, with Alfredo Nuti on guitar/ bass and Leo Mantovani sabotaging the stage with fun pieces of history of Folk music. A musical repertoire ranging from Casadei to Gabriella Ferri, through the music Klezmer, Rock, Punk, the dance hall; from clarinet to forgotten guitar, piano. From Marina, to La tatuata bella a Bianca Luce Nera. Directed by Betty Wrong and Luca Volpatti. the project was born from an idea of one of the most indefinable and eclectic personalities of the cultural scene, Elisabetta Sgarbi.



Stalls 32,00 €
Central box 1st row 32,00 €
Central box 2nd row 32,00 €
Lateral box 1st row 28,00 €
Lateral 2nd row 28,00 €
Gallery 1st row 23,00 €
Gallery 2nd row 23,00 €
Upper gallery 1st row 18,00 €
Upper gallery 2nd row 18,00 €

from an idea of

Elisabetta Sgarbi

in collaboration with

Eugenio Lio

Mirco Mariani voice, guitar and piano
Moreno Conficconi voice, clarinet and saxophone
Alfredo Nuti guitar / bass
Leo Mantovani actor and readings

With the participation of Davide Toffolo live drawings and voice


Luca Volpatti and Betty Wrong


Emanuele Para


Claudio Tappi

editorial coordination

Stefano Losani, Oliviero Toscani

press office


production Betty Wrong di Elisabetta Sgarbi

A total show, between music, words and live drawing with Extraliscio, the band that made Sanremo dance in a pandemic.




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