(Desperate loves in times of war)

  • 24 March 2023 - 20.30 Teatro Comunale -
  • 25 March 2023 - 20.30 Teatro Comunale -
  • 26 March 2023 - 16.00 Teatro Comunale -

A neo oblique dialect, abundant and hilarious that makes concrete three touching figures: the rival friend Menato, Gnua, a woman subjected yet dominant and the same Ruzante. A man who is both clever and gullible, fearful yet capable of killing, a comic hero in whom something primitive flows that makes him immortal.
Angelo Beolco, with his alter ego and his works, showed that another way of doing art/ culture is possible, with anti-system scenic actions even when he was welcomed by that system. And this brings him closer to the poetry and vision of Natalino Balasso.
In this world of villains where the plague comes and goes, tragic and comic are fused and seasoned with unfulfilled physical desires and unrecognized rights. Through a deep humorous work we try to demystify the city, the power, the false idea of well-being to which these villagers have sacrificed everything. Where we thought to find a comforting and bucolic landscape we find cruelty and oppression. So, looking for “the joy” we arrived at the top of the tree to discover that the hams and other food are plastic. All that remains is to allow laughter to become a critical experience about itself and the other by itself, in the present.


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by and with

Natalino Balasso


and with

Andrea Collavino e Marta Cortellazzo Wiel


Marta Dalla Via


Roberto Di Fresco


Sonia Marianni


Luca dé Martini di Valle Aperta

production Teatro Stabile di Bolzano

«This title is a deception! It’s Ruzante doing Balasso!».

Marta Dalla Via

In the beginning there was the “ruzzare”. That is, the chasing to play. Playing/acting over theatrical and linguistic roots without stumbling. Balasso succeeded in this by weaving together a compilation of texts taken from the work of Beolco and reinventing a jargon that kept sense and sound. A dramaturgy made of lexical choices that are, in full style ruzantiano, political choices and controversy.




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