The Ferrara Teatro Comunale Foundation has adopted and is continually developing a management path oriented towards the quality and sustainability of its activities from an economic, social and environmental point of view.
The new and integrated policy is consistent with the international standards certifications (ISO 9001 and ISO 20121).

Through the adoption of this innovative management system, verified by an accredited certification entity, the foundation intends to fulfil the following objectives:

-Respond to the reference points; Ferrara Town Council, majority shareholder, in a /consistent and pro-positive manner with regards to local and national policy connected to Performing Arts, to live performances in relation to the necessities of the local stakeholders in such a capacity;

-Value/appreciate/improve the historical heritage in, organisation, management and professional skills of the Traditional Theatres, with the aim being to highlight the potential of the innovative and driving force of development within the field of Performance Arts and in general creativity:

-Highlight and bring to the forefront whilst encouraging further growth of the concept of ‘belonging’ to the ‘organisation’ and its ‘cultural administration’ within the Foundation, through a system of management realised with the direct contributions of its components;

-Construct a management model based on principles of environmental, economic and social sustainability recognised on an international level and that can have an ever flexible profile which is adequate to the vast domestic/and national cultural requests within which the Traditional Theatres operate, on a local, national and international level;

-Promote the continual improvement of the environmental operative of the Theatre, through the responsible use of natural resources, renewable energies (ISO 9001 e OHSAS 18001),
Green purchasing, energy efficiency and the development of instruments, behaviour and acts that maximise the environmental sustainability.

Today, we would like to propose ourselves as one of the first subjects in the Field of Performance Arts, and first amongst the Traditional Theatres to reach out towards the integrated model of certification (ISO 9001 e 20121), leading by example to diffuse the ‘good management practice’ of the field nationally.

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Quality and Sustainability Certifications