• 16 October 2018 - 21:00 Teatro Comunale -

Thursday 11th October 17:00 – Theatre Foyer
The Idiot by Akira Kurosawa – Japan 1951,
running time 166 mins

Monday 15th October 17:00 – Sala Agnelli, Biblioteca Ariostea
Literature on Stage
An utterly nice man: The Idiot by Dostoevskij,
curated by Daniela Rizzi, Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia
in collaboration with the Association ‘Friends of Biblioteca Ariostea’

Tuesday 16th October 18:00 – Theatre Foyer
Saburo Teshigawara documentary by Francesca Pedroni

At the end of the performance – Theatre Auditorium
Meet with Saburo Teshigawara
coordinated by Francesca Pedroni

Director and Lighting Design



Saburo Teshigawara, Rihoko Sato

production Karas

supported by dell’Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan

performance running time: 60′


Premiere exclusive for Italy

The awareness of not being able to create a choreography by starting from the Dostoevskij novel was the key to something completely new. No text, just pure dance. The incarnation of movement from within the words. The silent voices, the cries and the moans, the murmurs and the sighs: everything,…absolutely everything ..becomes movement. And thus coming from within, it moves and displaces the body. The framework of the entire piece is built upon the power of the voice.
Saburo Teshigawara

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