• 10 February 2023 - 20.30 Teatro Comunale -

The majority of Italians think that Mussolini, until 1938, got almost all of them right, until the error of the alliance with Hitler, of the racial laws, of the war. Aldo Cazzullo and Moni Ovadia prove that this is not the case. Before 1938, Mussolini had caused the death of Gobetti, Gramsci, Matteotti, Amendola, the Rosselli brothers and Don Minzoni. He had made his son and the woman he loved die in the asylum. He had taken and maintained power in the blood, persecuting opponents and homosexuals, imposing a plumb and conformist climate. He had closed the Libyans in concentration camp, gassed the Abyssinians, bombed the Spaniards. He had proven himself a narcissistic and evil man. War is not a madness, it is the natural outlet of fascism. Sending Italian soldiers to die without equipment in Russia, in the desert, in Albania was another crime against his own people. And yet the horrors of civil war and neo-fascism, of bombs on trains, in banks, in the streets, must come.



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Aldo Cazzullo

singing and reading

Moni Ovadia

piano, cello and singing

Giovanna Famulari

The criminal duce is a story with two voices: Aldo Cazzullo tells, Moni Ovadia reads the texts of Mussolini and his victims. With music and songs of the time.



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