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  • 3 February 2023 - 20.30 Teatro Comunale -
  • 4 February 2023 - 20.30 Teatro Comunale -
  • 5 February 2023 - 16.00 Teatro Comunale -

Pirandello puts on the scene an “old man” one of those men “invisible”, unimportant, crushed in the “grip” of life and, since it is a “nothing man” is treated as if it were nothing. And on stage, as found by chance: an old backdrop and few elements, such as “wrecks” of a bourgeois living room, where is represented a banal piece of life of a “decent family” or a “family for good” that reckons with the nagging anguish of having to be “for others”, in front of others. As if one’s life were, by statute, a play where “others” are unjust and ferocious spectators.

The only hope is to defend the “I” from the aggression of others. But how? Ciampa uses door bars, bolts, stakes to defend his “me”. But he can’t. He is forced to go out, to “get his hands dirty”, Sartre would say. To exist. But to exist is to “put himself on the line”. And then the “civil rope” and the “serious rope” are no longer needed. It is the “mad rope” that clicks.

Gabriele Lavia


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Luigi Pirandello



Ciampa, scrivano Gabriele Lavia
La signora Beatrice Fiorica Federica Di Martino
Fifì La Bella Francesco Bonomo
La Saracena, rigattiera Matilde Piana
Fana, vecchia serva Maribella Piana
Il delegato Spanò Mario Pietramala
Assunta La Bella Giovanna Guida
Nina Ciampa Beatrice Ceccherini


Gabriele Lavia


Alessandro Camera


created by the students of the Third year of the Costume & Fashion Academy of Rome Matilde Annis, Carlotta Bufalini, Flavia Garbini, Ludovica Ottaviani, Valentina Poli, Nora Sala, Stefano Ritrovato

Coordinator Andrea Viotti


Antonio Di Pofi


Giuseppe Filipponio


Antonio di Pofi

production Effimera Srl

in coproduction with Diana Or.i.s

For Luigi Pirandello life is too crowded a threshold of “nothing”… And all his work revolves around this “nothingness” crowded with appearances, shadows that shake in pain and madness. Only “characters” are real and alive. Il Berretto a sonagli is a tragedy of the mind, but it bears the mask of the farce in his face.





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