FUORISTRADA new projects from up and coming new dance companies


For 5 dancers

  • 4 December 2018 - 21:00 Theatre Stage - Off-Subscription

Monday 3rd December, 17:00 – Theatre Foyer –
Books on Stage
“Do Animals Dance too?” 

curated by Laura Beani, Florence University
in collaboration with the Association of the Friends of Biblioteca Ariostea.

Thursday 29th November 17:00 
Centro Documentazione Donna
Animal Rights, a conversation with Lisa Pareschi

direction and choreography



Danilo ValsecchiWalter Cesarini

Production Associazione Sosta Palmizi

with the support of diMiBACT and SIAE with the contribute of Fondo regionale a sostegno della danza d’autore 2017 dell’Emilia  omagna / ResiDance XL 2018, azione della Rete Anticorpi XL coordinated by L’Arboreto di Mondaino

Performance running time: 50’

Absolute Premiere

A reflection on the conditions in which animals, in today’s society are forced to live, locked up in real concentration camps, functioning only to meet market demands and obsessive productivity. A starting point to turn the gaze on the order of things, to connect the beautiful and the ugly, the shadows and the light, the necessity of becoming aware of all of this and renewing the idea of a possible balance between these opposites.