Participatory, interactive and multimedia creation device

  • 8 September 2020 - 15:15 Teatro Comunale -
  • 8 September 2020 - 15:15 Teatro Comunale -

Cinetico Voodoo is the new role-playing game created by CollettivO CineticO: a participatory, interactive and multimedia creation device in the world of artistic performance designed for streaming.
With Cinetico Voodoo, various artists from the world of entertainment will play live on social media, creating a performance whose elements they do not know in real time, while spectators from home can vote to determine their destiny. A fun and unconventional way to discover the background of artistic production, to touch the authors’ thoughts with irony and to question what it means, today, to perform at a distance.
An opportunity to redesign the anatomy of virtual bodies and relationships via streaming, in full “kinetic” spirit!
On Tuesday 8th September the protagonist of the game will be the Sotteraneo Company.

Sotteraneo is a theatrical research collective which came together in Florence in 2005. The group’s productions – always recognizable for their avant-pop approach in balance between collective imagination and unconventional thinking – replicate in several of the most important national and international festivals and theatres. Over the years, they have received numerous awards including Lo Straniero Award, Hystrio Award, BeFestival First Prize, Silver Laurel Wreath Award / Sarajevo MESS Festival and two UBU Awards, one of which for the “show of the year 2018” with ‘Overload’. Underground is part of the Fies Factory project, of the European Shif Key network and is a resident of the Pistoiese Theatre Association.

ideation and creation

Angelo Pedroni, Francesca Pennini


Angelo Pedroni Francesca Pennini Giulio Santolini


Artisti davvero speciali su invito

Live shooting and extra contents

Teodora Grano

Audio-video technician and problem solver

Simone Arganini

Coordination, organisation and streaming technology

Carmine Parise

Moderator and technological assistance

Riccardo Guidarini

In collaboration with Teatro Comunale di Ferrara

Thanks for the valuable contribution in the implementation phase: Davide Arganini; Elena Bertelli; Samuele Bindini; Thomas Calvez; Marco Calzolari; Margherita Elliot; Chiara Minoccheri; Fabio Novembrini; Massimo Marchetti; Matteo Misurati; Emma Saba; Stefano Sardi;

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